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New Career Search & Development

It’s not all about what you know any more, it’s about how you do it and who you know! At Epstein, we are the leaders in being your guide throughout the job search process. From Resume Creation to LinkedIn Optimization, to Search Techniques and Interview Prep, to Compensation Analysis, and everything in between, WE ARE your recipe for success!

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LinkedIn Services & Expertise

Whether you’re setting up your LinkedIn Profile for the first time, optimizing it for a specific reason, or need to better understand how to best mine LinkedIn, Epstein is the only expert you’ll need. From working with universities and trade schools, to individual job seekers, and training sales professionals, Epstein has the perfect solution to set you up for success!

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Employee MRI’s

If you’re reading this, then you already know we have something we need to address. What those are however, you may not fully know, as those are invisible to you right now, but are hurting you right now as you read this. That is exactly what the Employee MRI does. By following a step-by-step plan, along with detailed, copyrighted, and patented questioning, Epstein will bring this to the surface. They then will present you with options on how to best address certain items. The choice is yours, you may not want to know, but you NEED to know!

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Harvest Performance & Accountability Coaching

To succeed you must impact your mind, body, soul, and bank account! High performance living with your mind, body and business. It's about the three gamifying tasks:

• Mind - Make a commitment to your mental health for at least 10 minutes per day. Reading, Prayer, Meditation, Visualization, Motivation Content.
• Body - Make a commitment to your physical health at least 30 minutes per day. Exercise, Stretching, Yoga, or A Sport. BE ACTIVE in order to get all those benefits that will make you healthier inside and out.
• Business - Do the power list every Monday through Friday which includes 5 total business / family growth activities.

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