Right Coach • Right Time

You are not the best version of yourself right now, plain and simple! Whether a company or organization that needs a better grasp on their employees, a trade school or university wanting to set their students up for future success, personally embarking on a new career search, or working to better your mind, body, soul, and pocketbook, Epstein is the Right Coach at the Right Time!

Epstein’s guidance, as it relates to overall Human Capital, assures that every person(s) taken care of and appreciated in the relationship. It is not a one way street, and Epstein’s values fall in line with that of any ideal relationship. Those are Trust, Communication, and Accountability. And you can count on Epstein to be just that!

Meet the Mind Behind Epstein

David Epstein

David shares a well-defined understanding of the business world today and possesses the capacity to identify and align clients' needs, with the products and services being offered. Coming from a successful and diverse background in Human Capital, he is able to engage decision-makers, devise winning strategies and solutions, and provide people and organizations with a way to fuel growth now and into the future. David is also an Advisor and Board Member to early-stage technology and fintech companies, a board member of the Penn State Labor and Employment Relations School, and a sought-after speaker, presenter, and lecturer to various companies and universities across the country.


Job Seeker – Director of Client Success

Job Search

I was laid off from a job I had for 8 years and I felt quite lost having been thrown back into the job market, which had changed so much.  I had only had one other interview in my life and was feeling lost and in need of some direction.  That's when I found Epstein...He quickly refined my resume, identified my transferable skills, and coached me through the applications, interviews, and follow-up procedures.  He provided a roadmap for success (and me accountable) which was incredibly impactful in landing my new role. Now, I'm making more money and I'm happier than I've ever been at work. Hiring Dave was a great decision, I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a new opportunity.


Career Services Director

LinkedIn Expertise

My interactions with Epstein over the past years have been outstanding! His guidance as it relates to the hiring process, client/employer interactions, and specifically LinkedIn, has greatly benefitted me and my ability to do my job and serve my students here at the College of Communications at Penn State at a much higher level. He has also been willing and able to present to a much larger career development professional conference reaching over 130+ career professionals spanning the entire Penn State University system to great reviews. I can confidently say I've learned a lot from his experience and guidance and am one of many who benefit from his input.


Director of Admission

Job Search

My name is Eric and I have been working with Epstein in finding a new career path. Throughout this process, he has been helpful in utilizing his time and resources to understand my skills and desires as a worker. We have collaborated on different processes and analyses to take my resume and adapt it to my desired positions. He gives great insight on how interviewers think and what they look for in individuals they hire. David and I have communicated on multiple occasions through video chat, talking on the phone, and email to correspond. He keeps himself available and responds quickly. It has been a great experience working with David and I highly recommend anyone that utilizes his expertise in finding a new job.



LinkedIn Expertise

I've been working with people from various consultancies before, and although they're pleasant, I sometimes leave feeling I was just another company that hired them. This didn't happen when I met Epstein. They took the time to get to know us, explained what they could best help us with to get over our struggles and roadblocks, went over even the minutest details, and their demeanor was warm and respectful. Our firm left feeling confident and well-positioned for the future. I'm so glad to have Epstein setting us up for success.


Job Seeker – General Counsel

Job Search

David's expertise was invaluable to me during my recent job search. He gave me great advice about goal setting, networking, and using technology. Most of all, David set me up for success in my job search by getting me to me rethink how I presented my prior experience to prospective employers. I highly recommend his services.



LinkedIn Expertise

Epstein is a breath of fresh air when it comes to business. They have the rare ability to make the people on the other line, or to whom they are presenting, feel like they are the center of attention. They are thorough, efficient, and dedicated to our success and we felt that right away!


Job Seeker – Executive Assistant

Job Search

David was so helpful in finding me a job. I went through the process in the matter of 2 weeks and landed the job. He is professional and kind and willing to go the extra mile for you. I would HIGHLY recommend his services.